Day 24-26 – Coral Bay

Distance Travelled: 68.7km

Time Taken: Under an hour

We left Bullara Station after another morning tea of scones with jam and cream, and a quick chat to the owner, Edwina who is helping me with my research for the next series. It took less than an hour to arrive in Coral Bay which holds a special place in my heart. As a child, we spent every September/October school holidays here with a bunch of friends. For me Coral Bay represents fish, fun and freedom. I have so many memories of racing down to the beach to go swimming and snorkling, building sand castles and playing games. Shower time was a hoot as we'd squeeze in the showers together and call out to each other. We must have been extremely annoying to those waiting for their turn!

The biggest advantage of Coral Bay is the sheltered sandy bay which isn't too deep for children to play and the coral is literally one step from the shore in places. It's a paradise for children young and old. 

It's also a place to slow down, chill out and take your time. We've fallen into a lazy routine of wandering down to the beach for a swim in the morning, then heading to the bakery for a snack. Afterwards we read in the hammock until it gets hot enough for another dip in the ocean. There are lots of people about, but the beaches aren't crowded and there is so much coral reef, that you can find a spot to yourself. 

This morning we wandered along the sand to the reef shark nursery, but didn't see any sharks. I think we might be just a little bit early in the season for them. We did spot an octopus on the rocks nearby who changed colour as we approached and eventually swam away.

We have another two nights here and it's nice not to have any plans. I've managed to proofread two more novellas in the Warlords, Witches and Wolves anthology and so the only work I have left is to proofread The Servant's Grace which will be out in February. I'm going to enjoy the sun and the snorkling while we're here and get as much reading done as possible.