Day 7-8 Eighty Mile Beach to Broome

Eighty Mile Beach Caravan Park was truly glorious and I can see why people spend the season there. A lot of people beach fish and you can drive your 4WD right along the sand. We spent our second day just chilling which was amazing. I read a fun book (details below) and enjoyed doing not much at all. The next day we were off to Broome.

Distance Travelled: 377 km

Time Taken: Just over 4 hours

Things to Note: Awarded prize for the most boring stretch of road in over 2000 km of driving (and the only stretch of road we have to travel twice!

Number of bloated dead cows seen: 1

Books Read:

69 Million Things I hate about you cover

I have to say the stretch of road between Eighty Mile Beach and Broome was not inspiring. The shrub trees were just large enough to block the view of anything that might be more interesting. We did see a dead cow on the side of the road and that was about as exciting as it got.  

Continuing our tradition of listening to audiobooks about Australia, we started Down Under by Bill Bryson (called In a Sunburnt Country in the US), which is fairly amusing.

Apparently people are rather obsessed with the number of poisonous creatures we have here in Australia, but I can't remember the last time I actually saw something dangerous in the wild.

In A Sunburnt Country

We arrived in Broome about 1 pm and set up the van. We're staying at the RAC Cable Beach Holiday Park, which as the name suggests, is close to Cable Beach. It has nice facilities and we're getting the setting up of the caravan down to a fine art, so it didn't take us too long.

We drove around town to familiarise ourselves where everything was, and to get a few supplies before taking our first swim at a caravan park on our journey. Bliss considering we'd arrived on a day where is was 38 degrees Celsius. We've written our list of things we want to do while we're here and will get stuck in tomorrow.