Day 40 – Home

Distance travelled: 459km

Time Taken: About 6 hours

We arrived home mid afternoon after our longest drive in a few weeks. I'd become used to the 2-3 hour trips down the coast that it was a little harder to be in the car for that long! Being home was bittersweet; we were glad to be home, but when we were in Exmouth we discovered someone had broken into the house. So we walked inside to find a bit of a mess.

In a way we were fortunate because we had a few weeks to get used to the idea our house had been burgled. My father-in-law discovered the break in and called the police who dusted for prints. The police believe the thieves were professional because they didn't destroy the place. Apparently they had jimmied open the window and then went through room by room searching, but they didn't throw breakable items on the floor. In my office they only went through the storage boxes which weren't transparent. By the time they reached Luke's office I think they were getting frustrated that there was nothing decent to steal as they emptied the filing cabinets in there, which took us a couple of hours to tidy up. 

They did steal a vintage motocross bike, but the police have already recovered it, so all in all we were pretty lucky. It took us a few minutes to check nothing else was stolen but we really have nothing of value except the car, but we didn't leave the keys at home so they were out of luck there. 🙂

Aside from that one glitch, it's lovely to be home again. Our bed is SO soft and our house feels huge after almost six weeks in a caravan. Now I need to get some words written on my new series, but we're already planning our next trip.

I hope you enjoyed following our journey and make sure you keep your eye out for my next romantic suspense series which will take place up north. Sign up to my reader group to keep updated on when that's coming out. Au revoir!