Promo: Bouquet of Love

It’s release day for A Bouquet of Love, which is a short story anthology by Serenity Press. I have a story called The Dating Phase in it. I can’t wait to read the other stories! There are 3 copies to be won.

Planning and Productivity

I consider myself to be a pretty organised person. I have a business plan that I break down to a quarterly, monthly and weekly plan. But lately I haven’t felt like I’ve actually been achieving anything. So I went looking for ways to be more productive and discovered Getting Things Done: the art of stress-free productivity by David Allen. I …

Self-Editing Workshop

I’m doing a Self-Editing workshop for the Rockingham Writers Centre next month. The workshop is suitable for beginner writers who need help editing their manuscript. Workshop fees include a copy of my Self-Editing book and there will be exercises so you can train your editing muscles. To register go here.

Promo: Montana Ash – Chade

I’ve been looking for new books to read recently and I remembered there were a couple of series where I read the first book, but there were no other books available. So I went searching and discovered that the next two books in the Elemental Paladin series by Montana Ash are available. I know what I’ll be buying! Chade is …

Choosing a Name

I keep a spreadsheet of all the names I use in my books. It’s fairly simple: a column for first name, last name, role in the story and which book(s) they appeared in. This allows me to see if I’m repeating names over and over again (which I sometimes do) and also gives me an idea if I’m using names …

Happy Easter

Today I’m back at work, reading over my latest manuscript. The first hundred pages aren’t too bad – but I’ve got another two hundred and fifty to go. Let’s hope the quality is the same or better! I hope that unlike me, you all had a wonderful, restful Easter break.

Break the Rules nominated for a RONE!

I received an email today to tell me that Break the Rules has been nominated for a RONE Award! What’s a RONE award? RONE stands for Reward of Novel Excellence and the awards are run by InD’tale Magazine each year.

Place to Belong Audio

In February I went to the Australian Romance Readers Convention and while I was there I had a chance to speak with Karena Wynn-Moylan from the Narratives Library.

Birthday Party Decorations

When I was a kid we had a party every year, but I was limited to inviting six friends only (which was probably a really smart move on my parents’ behalf). These days it seems like parties have progressed from a simple game of pass the parcel into a whole singing/dancing/bells and whistles affair. My niece had a petting zoo …

Promo: Fiona Lowe – Forbidden To the Playboy Surgeon

Fiona Lowe has a new book out. She always has such wonderful characters and this one is a medical Mills and Boon. Website Sparks fly from day one between playboy neurosurgeon Alistair North and his talented, sexy trainee surgeon, Claire Mitchell. He’s on a mission to help serious Claire relax, but his cavalier approach is driving her crazy. Alistair is …