CrimeScene 2016 Recap

CrimeScene WA was on the weekend and as usual I had a great time. This year the science stream focused on forensics and I learnt about fingerprints, forensic anthropology, entomology, DNA and more. There was even an interactive forensic workshop which enabled us to try and figure out who had committed the crime.

Shona Husk and I hard at work

Shona Husk and I hard at work.

The photo on the left taken by Amanda Bridgeman shows Shona Husk and I looking at some of the evidence, trying to figure out which hair strand matches the suspect. The scenario had a lot of forensic evidence to examine, but it was interesting to see how a lot of it really wasn't relevant/helpful to solving the crime. 

I also had the opportunity to meet some other authors including Ian Andrew, Candice Fox and Emma Viskic who all write crime. They gave some interesting talks about how they were published and Candice talked about collaboration with other authors as well.

In all it was a great weekend​ and I highly recommend CrimeScene conference to anyone writing or interested in the science of crime.