Mild - No sex

2 Suns

Warm - some fondling and kissing but sex occurs off the page

3 Suns

Hot - At least one sex scene 

2 Suns
What Goes On Tour Cover

Book 1 - What Goes on Tour

Libby and Adrian

Book 2 - All that Sparkles

Imogen and Christian

Under the Covers Cover

Book 3 - Under the Covers

Elle and George

Into the Fire Cover

Book 4 - Into the Fire

Piper and Taima

3 Suns
Break the Rules Cover

Book 1 - Break the Rules

Bridget and Jack

Change of Heart Cover

Book 2 - Change of Heart

Carly and Evan

Blaze a Trail Cover

Book 3 - Blaze a Trail

Zita and David

Place to Belong Cover

Book 4 - Place to Belong

Sean and Hayden

3 Suns

The Blackbridge Series - Romantic Suspense

Nothing to Fear Cover

Book 1 - Nothing to Fear

Hannah and Ryan

Book 2 - Nothing to Gain

Mai and Nicholas

Book 3 - Nothing to Hide

Fleur and Will

Book 4 - Nothing to Lose

Kit and Lincoln

Book 5 - Shelter

Jeremy and Zamira

Book 6- Shield

Jamie and Elijah

Book 7 - Harbour

Kim and Alyse

Book 8 - Protect

Adam and Olivia

3 Suns

Aussie Heroes: Retribution Bay - Romantic Suspense

Return to Retribution Bay Cover

Book 1 - Return to Retribution Bay

Brandon and Amy

Trapped in Retribution Bay Cover

Book 2 - Trapped in Retribution Bay

Darcy and Faith

Escape to Retribution Bay

Book 3 - Escape to Retribution Bay

Ed and Tess

Book 4 - Secrets in Retribution Bay

Georgie and Matt


Christmas Novels - Contemporary Romance

Love Me Do

The Beginner Writer's Toolkit - Non-fiction

All the things I wish I'd known about at the start of my writing journey.