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Return to Retribution Bay

Return to Retribution Bay Cover

They’ve both had their fair share of tragedy. Now the only way to heal could be to catch a killer.

Sergeant Brandon Stokes hasn’t been able to face his family for over a decade. But when his parents are killed in an accident on their remote sheep station, the guilt-ridden soldier must face his demons and return home. He’s unprepared for the gutsy female drifter who seems determined to help him reunite with his estranged family.

Amy Hammond has been running since she was fifteen. Now she’s finally found the stability she’s craved with employers who treated her like a daughter. But with her bosses’ sudden death and the arrival of their handsome military hero son, her head and heart are thrown into chaos.

Distrusting Amy’s real agenda, Brandon is forced to team up with her when they uncover evidence that his parents’ demise was no accident. And though Amy knows she needs to win the hunky sergeant’s trust, the sinister turn of events makes her fear any chance of love could be cut fatally short.

Will the troubled couple expose a murderer in their midst before they become the next victims?

Return to Retribution Bay is the thrilling first book in the Aussie Heroes: Retribution Bay romantic suspense series. If you like military hunks, plucky women, and striking Australian settings, then you’ll adore Claire Boston’s page-turning adventure.

Buy Return to Retribution Bay to dig up trouble in the dusty red soil today!

Sometimes in romantic suspense, the writer doesn’t quite get the balance right – too much romance so the suspense gets forgotten, or the other way around. In Return to Retribution Bay, Claire Boston gets the balance just right.



Trapped in Retribution Bay

This is a thrilling story which has twist and turns that keeps up the suspense and keeps you reading. 



He’s struggling to keep afloat. She’d rather be in the city. When they work together to save his land, will it bring them happily ever after? 

The North Australian outback. Darcy Stokes shoulders a mountain of guilt. With his family’s 150-year-old sheep station on the verge of bankruptcy due to a bad investment, the single dad’s stress is running at an all-time high. And his only glimmer of hope is a pretty, big-city lawyer who’s offered to take a look at the contract he bungled.

Faith Arnold is suffering from small-town claustrophobia. After helping her mother rehab from a stroke, she’s desperate to return to her corporate legal career. But she can’t help but think the handsome cowboy she agreed to aid might make for a compelling reason to stay. 

As Darcy finds himself falling for the sexy attorney, he fears a sinister consortium will stop at nothing to force him to sell. And as Faith is pulled in deeper to the troubled rancher’s woes, she may find her heart isn’t the only part of her in danger… 

Will Darcy and Faith grab love’s reins and outrun a terrible threat? 

Trapped in Retribution Bay is the gorgeous second book in the Aussie Heroes: Retribution Bay romantic suspense series. If you like rugged men, intelligent heroines, and the wide Australian expanse, then you’ll adore Claire Boston’s captivating tale.

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Trapped In Retribution Bay Cover

Escape to Retribution Bay

Escape to Retribution Bay

She witnessed a murder and the killer knows it. He needs to get home in time for his brother’s wedding, or the ceremony will be ruined. A chance encounter could be the solution they both need.
An airport strike strands Ed Stokes twelve hundred kilometres from home with the rings for his brother’s wedding. He snags the last available hire car, but it’s a twenty-year-old bomb that might not make the distance.
Tess Lim is on the run, but her one hope of escape is thwarted when all flights out of the city are cancelled. With no hire cars available, she’s desperate enough to accept a lift from an attractive stranger. Tess doesn’t care where he’s going, as long as it’s far away from the city.
As Ed breaks through Tess’s wariness, he discovers a woman who longs for adventure. But they get more adventure than either of them bargained for when the murderer catches up with them.
Can they divert the killer’s attention and escape in time?
Escape to Retribution Bay is the third adventure-filled book in the Aussie Heroes: Retribution Bay romantic suspense series. If you like unlikely heroes, desperate heroines and road trip romances, then you’ll love Claire Boston’s thrilling story.
Buy Escape to Retribution Bay to travel the red expanse of the Australian outback today!

WOW!!! I could not stop reading…the storyline that is fast paced, so much action, drama. 


GoodReads Reviewer 

Secrets in Retribution Bay

Enjoy this fabulously suspense filled story that will definitely keep you on the edge of your chair until the end.



She unearths a family secret which alters their history forever. He discovers a crime occurring on sacred land. Unless they work together their lives will never be the same.

Georgie Stokes is at a crossroads. Her job isn’t leading anywhere and her love life consists of pining after a man who considers her a surrogate sister. Something’s got to give. Then an accidental discovery reveals shocking secrets about her family. With her life in turmoil, she decides to take charge, risking her heart and her livelihood in the process.

Matt Roe has life figured until Georgie declares her love for him. Suddenly he must confront his own feelings for his best friend’s sexy younger sister, and his denial isn’t helped when he’s forced to work side-by-side with her.

However their priorities drastically shift when they stumble upon an animal smuggling operation.

Will they be able to stop the smugglers before more lives are lost, or will they become the next target?

Secrets in Retribution Bay is the fourth action-filled book in the Aussie Heroes: Retribution Bay series. If you like determined women, stubborn men and a whole lot of mystery, you’ll love Claire Boston’s exciting romantic suspense.

Beached in Retribution Bay

She's a by-the-book park ranger. He's more of a cowboy. Will they ever see eye-to-eye?

Newly decommissioned soldier, Sam Hackett has his new life planned out — buy a tour boat, move to Retribution Bay, help his best friend. But his plans are beached when an overzealous park ranger suspends his tour licence on his first day.

Penelope Fraser plays by the rules, because if she bends them, they may break. She’s definitely not going to be swayed by a sexy ex-soldier who tries to convince her otherwise. But her concerns over Sam are forgotten when she catches poachers on the reef, and masses of dead fish wash up on the shore.

The unlikely pair are thrown together and find themselves embroiled in a crime ring which goes far deeper than dead fish.

Can they catch the criminals in time, or will they become the prey?

Beached in Retribution Bay is the fifth book in the Aussie Heroes: Retribution Bay series. If you like outback small towns, opposites attract romances, and intrigue, then you’ll love Sam and Penelope’s story.

 Well written, fast paced and steamy. Another excellent addition to the series. 



Adrift in Retribution Bay

Out Now!

She's fighting for the security she's found. He's figuring out how to live again. Can two wounded souls be healed by helping each other?

After a lifetime in the army, Arthur 'Sherlock' Hammond has been cast adrift. Struggling to cope after being medically discharged, his friends drag him to Retribution Bay to face life, and a sister he's not seen for a decade.

Gretchen Wintie has finally found a secure job, friends she can count on and with the end of her university degree in sight, life is looking up for her and her son. Until her low-life ex walks back into her life demanding she choose between the happiness she's found, and the safety of her child. Adding to her stress is the bitter, injured ex-soldier she's forced to work with, and who thinks a smile is a major crime.

But when her ex's threats escalate, Gretchen discovers a sweet man underneath Arthur's prickly exterior. He might just be the solution to all of her problems, as long as she doesn't lose her heart to him.

When things get stormy, will their dark secrets be revealed, or will it prove their foundations are strong?

Adrift in Retribution Bay is the sixth book in the Aussie Heroes: Retribution Bay series. If you like wounded heroes, feisty heroines and odds stacked against them, you'll love Adrift in Retribution Bay.

Wrecked in Retribution Bay

She needs to stop a crime syndicate. He wants to investigate the new shipwreck. However as their paths collide and secrets are uncovered, their future may depend on them trusting one another.
Sergeant Dot Campbell is having a terrible week. Her best friend is missing, and she’s exhausted trying to stop the crime consortium, Stonefish Enterprises from wreaking more havoc on her coastal town. The last thing she needs is for the man who shattered her heart ten years ago to waltz into town.
Oliver Anderson is ecstatic to work on a recently discovered shipwreck in Retribution Bay. The deal is sweetened with the opportunity to see Dot again, and finally put the ghost of their relationship behind him. However the moment he runs into his first love, his determination to put her in the past falters.
With rumours about the shipwreck spreading and treasure hunters closing in, Dot is forced to work with Oliver to protect the significant historical find. She can’t allow old feelings to surface and make her vulnerable again. Especially as Stonefish might be behind Oliver’s reappearance in her life.
As Oliver uncovers more recent secrets of the sea, he can’t escape the memory of the love he left behind. Can he navigate the murky waters of the past and convince Dot to give him a second chance before Stonefish strikes again?
Wrecked in Retribution Bay is the penultimate book in the Aussie Heroes: Retribution Bay series. Dive into this thrilling tale of love and redemption where nothing is quite as it seems, and trust is more valuable than treasure. Buy Wrecked in Retribution Bay and enjoy this heart-wrenching second-chance romance today.

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